Good Service is Good Business
Customer Service is our passion and we have been providing specialist customer service support for our clients for over twenty years.
If you have a challenge in meeting your customers' expectations and would like to know how we can help, please take a look at the sample flow and call us. We're listening.


Customer contacts us Categorize Investigate Referral Resolve Fulfillment Respond

All maintenance and service requests originate from the customer. We receive customer contacts through multiple access channels - phone, email, snail mail, fax, chat or call transcripts, entries on message boards, forms on the clients' website - and all these flow into the clients' CRM platform as individual cases.

In order to offer the quickest turnaround time to the customer, each case needs to be treated uniquely.

First, we understand the why the customer has contacted us and broadly categorize each contact as a query, instruction or complaint. We can also identify cases that need to be prioritized - such as those belonging to high net worth customers - and they are flagged for special attention. After this, cases are assigned to specific work queues which are handled by subject matter experts.

Customers with disputes or complaints need to be handled with extra care and we start a thorough investigation into the case. Using the client provided system interfaces, we cross verify the details provided to us and trace the sequence of activities that resulted in the customers' complaint. The end result of the investigation is the identification of the root cause of the problem and the steps that have to be taken to correct it.

While resolving certain cases, we may not have access to all the information that is needed to proceed.

We refer such cases to the appropriate entities and place requests for specific data inputs. Even if referrals are made to external departments, the ownership of the case continues to reside with us and we track and report the turnaround times until satisfactory responses are received for all referrals.

The next stage involves consolidating the data from the investigation and referral stages.

In order to complete a customers' request or correct a problem, a set of account level maintenances may have to be made. For example, a customer complaint stating that statements are not being received could result in an update of the customers address.
The resolution team identifies these changes and passes the data to the maintenance team.

The maintenance team executes the instructions mentioned by the resolution team on the customers' account. We perform both financial and non-financial maintenances with an accuracy level exceeding 99% and work on a maker/checker model. An independent Quality team performs a sampling verification depending on the sensitivity of the transaction. Once done, the case moves to the final stage - Response.
All the effort put in completing the investigation, referral and resolution legs would be wasted if the final response to the customer is not lucid and comprehensive.

While standard instructions and simple queries are responded with standard templates, our team of award-winning communication experts draft personalized responses for complaints and disputes, taking care to fully address each point raised by the customer. The communication is sent back to the customer using the same channel used by the customer to contact us, thus closing the customer service loop.