Successful businesses are built up with good customers. We help our clients quickly expand their business by providing end-to-end retail customer acquisition services.


 Base Procurement / Data Mining Lead Generation through calling FOS for Docs pickup Base Procurement / Data Mining
Customer acquisition starts with identifying the market segment that is most likely to respond to the product pitch.

We help our clients to procure open market databases with high conversion potential from clean and reliable data providers.

We are also skilled at identifying data points that will yield the highest response rate from the bases provided to us by our clients.

Using the database provided by our clients, our team of well-trained and certified callers first establish contact with prospective customers and proceed to sell products over call. We explain product features in detail and generate genuine customer interest in the products that we sell.  With the consent of the customer, we capture detailed information and pass back the qualified leads to our clients' internal sales teams for closure. Where possible, we also interface with payment gateways / IVRs and close the sale on call.

We are a TRAI registered telemarketer with a pan-India reach and our areas of expertise in selling include credit cards, insurance policies and telecom services.

Certain products require the collection of supporting documents or a wet-sign from the customer before the sale can be considered as closed. We manage the document collection process for our clients and work with partners who are feet-on-street (FoS) specialists.

Account opening or boarding process involves end-to-end tracking and processing of application forms - from receipt of the forms till the forms are handed over back to the client after completion of the lifecycle.

A generic workflow for application processing would cover the following stages, all of which we handle for our clients - Document receipt, scanning, data capture, policy checks, verification (telephonic) and tracking of field verification, post-verification updates and application archival post decisioning.

Across our group companies, we handle the end-to-end processing of credit card applications, personal loan applications and banking accounts.