Revenue augmentation through outbound calling is an area of specialization and we are one of the largest service providers in India in terms of total value of generated sales. Our customized outbound calling platform, combined with our experience in this domain results in base utilization / conversion ratios that are among the highest in the industry. 
We have a strong customer service background and we fully understand the pain that a miss-sell can cause. We take  pride in our perfect record of compliance and adherence to telecalling ethics without compromising on our ability to sell good products to great customers.

Every marketing campaign requirement is unique and its success is largely guaranteed if the selling process is well constructed.

The first step to ensure this is to have a thorough understanding of the product, the target market, sales channels and sales targets. Simply put, we make sure we fully understand What we're going to sell to Whom, How and by When.

A clear communication of mutual expectations sets the tone for outstanding success.

The execution strategy is like the recipe with the key ingredients being call flow design, preparation of call scripts, base identification, CRM customization, hiring, training and certification of the sales executives.

Campaign management is more an art than a precise science and it is something that we are very good at.

Juggling dozens of variables at the same time, we make the most of the provided databases by extracting the maximum value from them. For example, we allocate data sets to our callers after profiling the prospects and matching them off with the talents and strengths of individual team members - a simple but effective way of increasing the chances of a sale. We also monitor the process continuously and keep adjusting the parameters until the optimum levels of performance are achieved.

And finally, the sale is fulfilled or booked on the clients' systems. Before this is done, an internal and independent quality review team listens to the recordings of each sales call and verifies it against a checklist. Only calls that are fully compliant with the quality requirements are considered as sales and forwarded to the operations team for booking and further processing.

Besides performance metrics which are circulated regularly, we also capture and share the Voice of the Customer, a compilation of feedback from prospects, which our clients find useful in tweaking the product features and sales pitch.