• Powering Process Acceleration
    Powering Process Acceleration

    Welcome to Trayee Business Solutions - we're the Process Acceleration experts.

  • What we do
    What we do
    Our business services cover the entire Retail Customer Lifecycle.
    We can help you acquire new customers, provide outstanding customer service, control attrition and realize the true business potential of your existing customer base.
  • Reliability

    Our clients include the world's largest and most successful banks, insurance and telecom companies, with whom we've forged long standing partnerships over 20 years.


    Our clients trust us for our Integrity, Reliability and our absolute commitment to Quality.

  • Why Trayee
    Why Trayee

    Process Improvement is our mantra.


    We don't believe in simply managing your services - we also analyze your business processes, identify bottlenecks and apply our expertise to make them run a lot faster and smarter, thereby enhancing your competitiveness.

  • Here for You
    Here for You

    Our philosophy is simple - When You succeed, We succeed, and we'll do everything that we can to ensure it.


    If you're interested to know more about how your organization can leverage our experience,  please drop us a note and we'll get in touch.


    Thank you for your visit.




Trayee is a global BPO based in India. We make your Business processes run faster.

The Power of Three

"Trayee" means "Three" in Sanskrit. It also has another beautiful meaning –  "The Seat of Ultimate Knowledge". In the context of business outsourcing, the three most valuable characteristics of an outsourcing partner are Integrity, Reliability and Quality. Our culture is built around these three pillars and our logo embodies this spirit.