Privacy Policy


Trayee Business Solutions is an organization that provides business process support to some of the world's most respected brands. The trust that our clients have reposed in us to handle their customer data is hard earned, and we are fully committed to maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. Trayee is an ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management) certified organization. This privacy policy document is a statement that outlines the nature of the information collected, its use and protection.

What and how do we collect information?

Most of the activities that we perform for our clients does not involve any collection of information from individual customers. We work with the data provided directly by our clients on dedicated, secure networks and do not store any confidential data that may identify individual customers on our servers. Certain activities such as telecalling surveys or telemarketing do involve the collection of basic information (contact details) or demographic data from our client's customers. If you are an existing customer of our client, we will call you only if authorized by the client. If you are a prospective customer, we will call you only if you have consented to receive marketing calls and if you are not registered with the National Do Not Call Registry. We will always identify ourselves as representatives of our client and our executives are trained to never misrepresent themselves. If you have any complaints regarding this, please see the section on registering your feedback below. The data that we collect is temporarily stored on our servers until it is transferred to the end client, and the section (below) on how we protect the information has more details on this.

Any data submitted to Trayee on our website concerning career prospects is deemed as Trayee's own data and we will use it to contact prospective employees.

How is it used?

The information collected is always transferred back to the client who requested us to collect it on their behalf. Trayee does not own this information and does not use it for any other purpose.

Will we disclose the information to third parties?

Trayee will never disclose the information collected by it to any third parties, unless clearly authorized and instructed to do so by the client who owns the data.

How do we protect the information? 

Process: The information that we gather from our clients' end customers is

1) either captured directly into the client-provided systems (or)

2) transferred to the client at regular intervals, after which it is purged from our servers. The transient data is stored and transferred using 128 bit encryption (or higher).

People: Our employees are trained on how to adhere to our privacy and information security policies. They are are also legally bound to be compliant through a strict non-disclosure undertaking and we reserve the right to punitive action in the case of any instances of breach.

Feedback and complaints

If you have any questions about the way your information may be used or if you wish to register a complaint, please contact us. We are committed to resolving all complaints on breach of privacy within 24 hours.